Intel 471

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Company Name Intel 471
Short Description Actor-centric cyber threat intelligence collection.
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Formed in 2014, Intel 471 Inc was created in order to provide unique, high-value actor-centric cyber threat intelligence information in support of our customers' information security operations. Whilst some companies may offer raw indicators or feeds as threat intelligence, Intel 471 focuses on the individual threat actors and groups that pose a threat to your organization and sector.

We deliver:
- Unmatched visibility into actors and their TTPs, planning, marketplaces, and communication networks.
- Differentiated products by actor motivation: cyber crime and hacktivism.

Unique approach:
- Researchers globally deployed, close to adversaries, with native language and cultural understanding.
- Active in deep web, underground marketplaces, forums and social media.
- Intelligence collection based on customers' intelligence requirements.

Unprecedented data:
- Over 10,000,00 actor handles and linked data.
- Information reports capture raw data to add to customers' own information with deep contextual insight provided.
- Track actors across marketplaces.
- Provides understanding of trends, enhances attribution and supports investigations.

Product delivery:
- Access through online portal that provides full text searching, monitoring actors across forums and social network analysis.
- API allows automated queries by handle, IP address, etc.
- Third party threat intelligence platform (TIP) integrations.

Intel 471 employs specialists located globally who are experts in their region and is incorporated in the United States.

Intel 471 provides two products currently via a web portal and API:
Cyber Crime – Covers cyber threat activity from financially motivated cyber criminals. It allows our customers to better understand the latest tools and techniques available in the criminal underground as well as who the actors are, enablers used, what they are motivated by and how they fit into the cyber crime ecosystem.

Hacktivism – Covers cyber threat activity from politically motivated cyber criminals. It allows our customers to better understand current targeting, leadership trends, hacktivist groups/movements, motivations and the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) related to this threat activity.

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