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Verisign’s iDefense Security Intelligence Services offer unmatched vulnerability management and threat intelligence that explains not just the “what”, but the “who”, “why” and “how” of cyber threats. This empowers you to proactively strengthen your systems against threats and manage security risks.

Know Which Threats Matter, and Which Don’t

Detail and context determine whether or not a threat is relevant to your organization. Relevance can help decision makers prioritize threats and respond in the most efficient manner, allowing security teams to focus on the relevant threats and avoid unnecessary emergencies and fire drills. We help decision makers avoid information overload by aggregating and evaluating information about the most relevant threats.

Customized Intelligence for Your Organization

We work with you to completely understand your business so we can provide you with customized intelligence products that give you the information you need. These customized reports keep businesses and government organizations ahead of new and evolving threats and vulnerabilities specific to them.

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